Review: Fiona Beeson – ‘Drift’ EP (Beesound)



Colombian DJ/producer Fiona Beeson’s Drift EP will heat up any cold winter dance floor. Big picture: this EP falls somewhere in the deep/tech/house spectrum, but each remix has its own unique flavor and each remixer stays faithful to the original while imbuing it with their own unique personality.

The Original Mix rolls in with dynamic layers and hits the perfect balance between deep boppin’ house beats and melodic grooves. The song’s progressive structure is tied neatly together with a symphonic breakdown and rebuild. Slurm’s remix brings in a heavier kick to support a decidedly tech-driven vibe swirling in atmospheric ambience. Joseki’s vision starts off a bit darker but the subtle percussion and techy riffage really set it apart. Finally, Cesar Caballero’s remix keeps things moving with a humming bassline and energizing leads. It’s the contrast between the highs and lows that make this one work.

Final thoughts? Great EP. If this is any indicator of the future, 2016 will be a big year for Beesound Recordings.

DJ Elroy

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