Jeff Mills’ ‘Man From Tomorrow’ Set For DVD Release

jeff mills man from tomorrow still

jeff mills man from tomorrow still

Detroit techno legend Jeff Mills’ recent future-gazing film Man From Tomorrow will be seeing a DVD release this month. Directed by Jacqueline Caux, the film features extraordinary visuals set to thought-provoking extracts from conversations between Mills and Caux. Caux has previously directed other experimental films such as T­he Prism of Colour, Mechanics of Time, which explores the evolution of music from ‘60s avant-garde to modern techno.

“We wanted to make a film that would have a certain aesthetic quality,” says Caux. “Consequently, I wanted to be able to imagine images that would be inspired as much by his words as his music.”

The soundtrack, which features all original music by Mills, will be included on CD for the home release.

“Understanding what Man From Tomorrow could possibly mean and say to others,” says Mills, “We greatly discussed the ways of how we could go about materializing this in a manner that detaches the subject away from normality…what deep thoughts, dream escapes and unconventional expressions of our future could look, sound and feel like through ever-expanding and dimensional lens of techno.”

Mills has been a busy man this year – in addition to his frequent tour dates and creating a new instrument based on a UFO sighting — he is also readying a new album (Emerging Crystal Universe is set for release later this fall) and a new film, Life to Death and Back, which he wrote, directed and scored.

Man From Tomorrow will be available on DVD/CD on November 24 on Axis. Watch the trailer for the film below.

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Man From Tomorrow Trailer from AxisRecords on Vimeo.

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