Hypocrite of 2012: Deadmau5 Announces Return to Ultra Music Festival After Dissing It in Video Rant


Joel “deadmau5” Zimmerman announced today on Twitter that he was returning to Ultra Music Festival. “Well, I caved in… There was just too many of you guys asking me to play at ultra this year, so im doin it for you guys! 😉 viva la horde.”

Deadmau5’s announcement comes almost a year to since he posted a 12-minute video lashing out at Ultra Music Festival, bemoaning the competition among talent for time slots and stage production, chastizing the event’s organizers for their lack of organization skills and demanding that DJs on the bill play exclusively for them while in Miami.

“Ultra to me is the definition of insanity,” declared Deadmau5 in the video rant posted in January. “It’s doing the same fucking thing, expecting different results every time…$595 fucking dollars for a ticket? Wow, someone’s laughing to the bank.”

“I hate these fucking festival things you know…it’s a bit much. I would rather pay $100 or $50 to see my favorite act instead of doshing out $600 to see all these fucking people, most of which are playing at the same fucking time.”

Though Deadmau5 said Ultra Music Festival “is fucking awesome,” he saw it as a “pissing contest between dudes that have played all over the fucking world.”

In unrelated news, deadmau5 got engaged this week to Kat Von D. Mazel tov.

Darren Ressler

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