Pole Two-Track Vinyl Release Out in August

Pole Stefan Betke

German glitch/dub producer and acclaimed mastering engineer Stefan Betke, who records under the Pole alias, will issue a two-track, 12-inch vinyl release titled “Tanzboden” via Mute on August 13.

Betke’s latest effort, which will also be available digitally, came out of loops created during the recording sessions for his 2020 album, Fading, for Mute. “I began working in my Berlin studio,” he explains, “doing research and listening to the single recording sessions of ‘Fading’ to remember what I did exactly and to find out what I think about the recording months after finishing it.”

Regarding the title of the upcoming release, he says, “Tanzboden is an old-fashioned word for a dance floor constructed during the harvest time, mostly outdoors, and ‘Rost’ is the German word for rust which is an interesting connection to Tanzboden. If the dance floor is not really used for a long time anymore it starts to rust, and as the screws and metal plates which are holding the wooden parts together disappear slowly over the years, so does the Tanzboden itself.”

The video for the first track titled “Rost” can be heard below.

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