Beatport Pivots To Web-Based, MIDI-Compatible DJ App


Yesterday online music retailer Beatport announced the release of Beatport DJ to all LINK subscribers. It’s a web-based, MIDI-compatible DJ app that allows DJs of all skill levels to set up workflows and playlists.

The interface is well-appointed with all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a typical DJ setup and it seamlessly integrates music from the company’s store. What’s more, is that no software is needed to use it and previewing music is intuitive and smooth.

A day before Beatport DJ was unveiled, a rep from Beatport gave me a demo of the product. I learned the product was created after taking in feedback from customers, listening to their pain points and trying to reduce the friction that comes with the laborious process of finding, reviewing, buying and downloading music.


Beatport DJ’s interface.

From the demo I watched, Beatport DJ significantly reduces prep time, allowing DJs to focus their energy on being creative and performing.

For now, Beatport DJ works only with a Chrome web browser. It’s in the beta stage, meaning that the product isn’t yet in its final form, so look for it to evolve now that it’s public.

Good to know: All existing LINK and LINK PRO, and LINK PRO+ subscribers can use BEATPORT DJ, as well as all existing LINK partner integrations with Algoriddim djay, Denon Engine OS, Hercules DJUCED, Pioneer DJ rekordbox, WeDJ, Serato DJ, PCDJ and TRIBE XR.

I asked about where the product might go from here. Beatport’s rep said the company is hoping to have iOS, mobile and social functionality as well as public and private playlists in the immediate future.

Beatport is currently offering free trials of Beatport DJ. You can access it here.

Have you tried Beatport DJ yet? If so, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Darren Ressler

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