DJ Vivona May 2020 Chart


  1. DJ Vivona feat. Monique Bingham – Over Him, Under Him (Deep Mix) – Sunclock Records
  2. Sophie Hunger – There Is Still Pain Left (Laolu Remix) – Compost Records
  3. Hannes Bieger feat. Ursula Rucker – Poem For The Planet – Awesome Soundwave
  4. Monkey Safari – Chari Chari – Hommage
  5. Daniel Rateuke & Awen – Gold (Enoo Napa Remix) – Madorasindahouse Records
  6. DJ Vivona – Waiting For You (Vivona’s Waiting In The Deep Mix) – IAH Records
  7. Oscar P feat. Robert Owens – Thank You (Hyenah Remix) – Open Bar Music
  8. DJ Vivona – Black (Marco Lys Remix) – King Street Sounds
  9. Jovonn feat. Cassio Ware – Turnin Me Out (Louie Vega Expansions NYC Mix) – Body ‘N Deep
  10. K.E.E.N.E. – Missing Point (Original Mix) – Exploited Ghetto

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Yehouda Silverman

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