Brooklyn Producer Photay Responds to COVID-19 By Releasing ‘On Hold’ Ambient LP Benefitting Food Bank For NYC


Calamities like the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic impact the most vulnerable communities the hardest. Case in point is the spate of panic food shopping and hoarding, which has resulted in a sharp decline in contributions to local food banks. Significantly fewer donations have forced some food banks to buy food from their limited cash reserves to replenish their dwindling stocks. It’s a bad situation that will only grow worse as charitable giving could decline in the wake of a full-blown recession.

In a response to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on Big Apple residents in need, New York City-based produced Evan Shornstein – who records under the Photay alias – will donate 100 percent of proceeds from sales of his new ambient album, On Hold, to Food Bank For New York City, a nonprofit that supports New Yorkers in need of “nutritious food and hope for a better future.”

“I felt an urgency to self-release this project ahead of schedule as the concept feels very relevant to the current state of our world,” says Shornstein of the pay-as-you-wish (or nothing at all) album whose theme is derived from a process of recording “on hold” or “call waiting” music.

Shornstein adds, “Most of our lives are currently on hold. I hope this music provides you comfort and hope during this uncertain time and beyond.”

“Please donate if it is within your means. Otherwise, this record is 100% free for all.”

1. Prelude in MHz
2. Peace in the Era of Telecommunication
3. Please Hold
4. Traversing Frequency Bands
5. Holding Pattern
6. The Strength of Our Signals
7. Roaming
8. How May I Help You?
9. Peak Bandwidth
10. Hold On
11. March 10th, 1876
12. Peace in Perpetuity


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Darren Ressler

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