See a First-of-Its-Kind BBQ Grill With Built-in DJ Station


Summertime grilling and music go hand-in-hand so McCormick & Company, a global maker of spices and sauces, has introduced SUMR HITS 5000, a concept barbeque which allows grillers to produce music while cooking their favorite summer dishes.

The grill utilizes built-in custom hardware and software with machine learning algorithms to provide the best possible grilling experience, allowing the griller to decide when and what sounds are added to their music track by where the food is placed on the grill and which spices and sauces are used.

Obligatory press release gush from Alia Kemet, creative and digital marketing director at McCormick: “McCormick wanted to explore innovative ways our fans could spice up and enhance their summer grilling. Music plays an important role in enjoying food, flavor and the overall experience. The SUMR HITS 5000 creates the intersection of expressing one’s passion for flavor through original song, and we think it’s the perfect blend of mixing taste and art.”

In the video below, watch famed pitmaster Myron Mixon and DJ Jazzy Jeff work the grill. Unfortunately, though, we never get to hear any of the sounds emanating from that beast of a grill.

Darren Ressler

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