Satoshi Tomiie Used Hardware-Only Setup To Record New LP Tracks In One Live Pass


Globetrotting house music legend Satoshi Tomiie continues to evolve his evocative sound with A_A, an experimental live project.

Tomiie has announced the upcoming release of A_A’s self-titled, six-track debut album on his A_A imprint on July 16.

All of the tracks were recorded in one live pass on a range of machines, including Roland TR-909, Roland TR-8S, Roland SH-101, Roland Jupiter-8, Moog Mini Moog Voyager and Arp Odyssey.

At the center of A_A’s studio set-up is the new Roland TR-8S that he created sounds for. Following the release of the album, A_A will present a series of live shows later this year.

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Obligatory press release gush from Tomiie about the project: “A_A is a project inspired by Electric Jazz, Experimental Noise / Avant-garde and the stripped down elements from the music I’ve been loving and creating from the beginning – Electronic and House Music. Current project members are myself and Nao Gunji and the name stands for ABSTRACT_ARCHITECTURE, this represents its craft, sound and texture.”

‘A_A’ Tracklist

A Abandoned In The Air
B1 Dim
B2 Aeo
C Jam #1
D1 Dub
D2 Wah

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