MANIK to Debut on Kim Ann Foxman’s Firehouse in November


NYC bred house and currently West Coast based DJ/producer MANIK is on fire. After retracing his musical evolution growing up in Queens, NY, on his brilliant sophomore Undergroundknowledge album released this month on Josh Wink’s Ovum Recordings, and dropping another 909 Til Infinity collaboration with Option4, the rising dance floor star will make his debut via his Mortal Frequencies EP out November 10 on Kim Ann Foxman’s Firehouse label. Whew! That’s a lot of music.

Where Undergroundknowledge is an exploration of his love affair with ’90s deep house — a style championed by some of his DJ influences including Tony Humphries — Mortal Frequencies is a back to the future take on rave music. The four-track affair brandishes a range of styles, ranging from acid-fueled romps to breakbeat jams.

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Obligatory press release gush from MANIK: “Everything was rolling in the studio when I hit the record button. Kim Ann Foxman is an inspirational artist and someone whom I respect tremendously. To be able to work with her and her label, Firehouse, is nothing short of an honor. Her vision is forward thinking and it is exactly where I’m at artistically too.”

MANIK Mortal Frequencies EP Firehouse

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