Trailblazing Circuit DJ Wendy Hunt Commits Suicide


Wendy Hunt, a club DJ who broke ground in the male-dominated circuit party scene in the disco era, has died at the age of 64, according to a Facebook post from her sister, Kavita Hunt. Hunt died on August 7 not long after creating a Sundown mix for 102.7 The Beach Miami.

“With a broken heart, we share with you that Wendy Hunt – known in her beloved world of music as DJ Wendy Hunt, or Wendella Blendella, or the Queen Mother of Disco – left this world on August 7. For all of us, this is a tremendous loss. Beyond words.

“Wendy was an exceptional DJ whose keen ear and skillful hands brought forth music that packed dance floors and delighted flaggers from Boston to Florida and across the US. She was passionate about her craft, and was never more content than when mixing music – live, or on media – from 1974 ’till just this past Sunday afternoon on the Sundown mix. Expressing her vast creativity through the medium of music, sharing her passion with dancers and flaggers, Wendy brought joy and transcendent experiences to us all.”

Her sister added that Wendy had fought her demons courageously for many years. “Behind the public eye, Wendy often walked a delicate balance between living and dying. In recovery from cocaine and alcohol addictions, wrestling with the rigors of bi-polar disorder and post-traumatic stress, Wendy did what was within her power to wake up each morning and see the day through. After decades of struggle and suffering – some shared publicly, though most she endured privately – Wendy took her own life.”

Hunt was born in Glendale, CA and was raised in Marblehead, MA. After high school she moved to Boston and began DJing in the early 1970s, a time when DJing was evolving as an art form and dominated by men. Her time behind the decks spinning disco at the 1270 club in Boston is legendary. She was also a regular at Boston’s Avalon nightclub.

“In 1974, I was a ‘novelty’ as a female DJ,” she said in an interview. “In addition, I was considered one of the best DJ’s in the Boston nightclub industry. If I was known for anything, it would be my smooth transitions from one song to another and my ability to know what my crowd wanted, in some cases, before they did! A big part of DJ’ing is a ‘head’ thing… you have to read your crowd and cater to them.”

Hunt’s disco sets were also popular at South Beach clubs and events like Winter Party and White Party.

Hunt’s sister has set up a YouCaring page in order to pay for final arrangements. “Many of Wendy’s friends have asked if they can help in any way. As Wendy was of few means at this stage in her life, we would be most grateful for financial assistance with her cremation and memorial arrangements, and otherwise concluding her final affairs. Thank you for any support you can offer. It means more than you can imagine.”

Darren Ressler

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