NYC DJ Legend Nicky Siano Urges Boiler Room Boycott


New York City DJ legend Nicky Siano, whose career behind the decks dates back to spinning at Studio 54, ripped music broadcaster Boiler Room a new one on a now deleted Facebook post on Sunday. What began as a health update to his followers ended in a tirade about a gig gone wrong.

“Oh and FUCK BOILER ROOM those lying assholes,” wrote Siano, who will make his debut at Ministry of Sound in London on August 19.

“3 or 4 years ago they had me pick out a venue, order a sound system, invite co DJ’s AND invite my friends, then they canceled with out telling e and they refused to return my phone calls, I sued one of them and they settled, now I am ready to consider a new lawsuit against those assholes who have fucked over more then 2 major DJ’s I know, DO NOT SUPPORT BOILER ROOM IN ANY WAY! And if u have a problem with them stand up! Go public!”

Siano, who played a Boiler Room set in 2015, later posted a shorter diss. It wasn’t entirely clear what prompted him to lash out on his past dealings with Boiler Room, but it sure made for entertaining reading!

Yehouda Silverman

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