Art Department’s Jonny White Co-Founds Music Against Animal Cruelty

Those who follow the news — or Moby’s Instagram — know that animals need our help in order to survive. That knowledge isn’t lost on Jonny White of Art Department, who has co-founded the MAAC (Music Against Animal Cruelty) nonprofit along with Pulse Radio founder Wade Cawood and Tears for Tigers founder Jack Baucher. A passionate conservationist, the Canadian DJ/producer’s non-profit Social Experiment label has already been fundraising for animal welfare for the last seven years.

MAAC, which is seeking support for the cause from like-minded artists via the MAAC Ambassador program, will present fundraising events to link music industry performers and fans with organizations working to save endangered animals.

The official launch will take place on July 1 in Kenya with MAAC’s debut fundraiser in support of the Lion Guardians organization.

Obligatory press release gush from White about the endeavor: “It’s not always about saving a whole species, there may be just one animal that needs our help. Guerrilla tactics will support smaller, more urgent initiatives, maybe a rescue mission to the Yulin dog meat festival in China, maybe the urgent treatment of an animal rescued from the circus or laboratory, situations where even $1000 can decide whether an individual animal might live or die. If I’ve just learned of a situation that requires immediate support, I really want to be able to decide that an upcoming show will be dedicated to funding this initiative.”

Yehouda Silverman

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