Watch YouTuber Andrew Huang Make Minimal Techno with Fidget Spinners


Toronto-based YouTuber Andrew Huang is a music producer with over 40 albums to his credit. He clearly likes to challenge himself. In fact, past exploits include filming himself making music with water bottles.

Well aware of the fidget spinners phenomenon that’s sweeping the world, Huang tasked himself with the goal of making a minimal techno track solely out of spinning the relaxation devices. The result of his experimentation is the subject of his recently released three-minute video.

At the start of the clip Huang reveals that fidget spinner music is one of his most-requested videos “of all time.” He goes on to craft a track using a fidget spinner, fidget cube and a mic and laptop setup.

Fidget spinners don’t make much noise aside from a whirr and a click, so Huang got creative and made a bassline by positioning the spinner in a sweet spot above the mic, separately adding beats of his own.

While we’re not sure his track is ready for one of Richie Hawtin’s set, Huang does a commendable job. Watch the video — which has naturally gone viral — below and check out his collection of music here.

Yehouda Silverman

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