Benefit Compilation Supports Helly Larsons’ Brain Cancer Fight

Helly Larson

A group of dub techno and deep house producers have rallied to support Lars Helbig (a.k.a. Helly Larson), a Cologne-based producer who was diagnosed six months ago with brain cancer. Helbig, who has released tracks on LucidFlow, Plastic City, Sofa Sessions, Etui Records, desperately needs €30,000 (approximately US $32,800) so he can enter a private clinic for treatment.

He says, “Unfortunately I’m doomed with seizures as a part of this terrible disease and my girlfriend – the love of my life – is always by my side and taking care of me. Being a care giver for me 24/7 is another drop of our financial situation. There is no support for this situation.”

A crowdfunded campaign to support Helbig has spawned a compilation to support Helly Larson’s Brain Cancer Journey Fund. Available now on Deeptakt Records’ Bandcamp for €7 (roughly US $7.68), the 15-track Dub for Helly – A Charity Compilation features tracks from IfIHadAHiFi, Asphalt Layer, Dave Marian, Monomood and Raumakustik.

So far the campaign has raised €16,807, with 12 more days to go. Donations can be made here.

1. Ifihadahifi – Stasis
2. S_EncE – Change Of Perspective
3. Asphalt Layer – The Sound Of Night
4. Dave Marian – Black Dust
5. Basicnoise – Immersion
6. Insect O . – Helly Del Mar
7. Narcotic 303 – Ghost In The Machine
8. Planetary Secrets – Exp1
9. Twin Peetz – Chaos Mechanics
10. Monomood – Resize
11. Matthias Springer – Tunnelbrigade
12. Dan Mad – Caleta Negra
13. Break SL – Deep Space 1 (ew2006)
14. Frank Hellmond – Belief
15. Raumakustik – Short Piece

dub for helly larsons

Yehouda Silverman

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