Trax Records Readies ‘I ♥ NY’ Benefit Compilation

Trax Records I-Love-NYC-Artwork

Famed Windy City house label have announced the upcoming release of I ♥ NY, a 14-track compilation featuring contributions from NYC artists including Johnny Dynell, Michael Magnan, Christy Love, Tyler Stone, Michael Musto, Carmelo Carone, Erol Sabadosh, Chimp Hardy, TradeCraft, Gant Johnson and more.

A portion of proceeds from sales will benefit Youth Communication, a 40-year-old nonprofit that “equips and empowers educators and youth workers with real teen-written stories and a literacy-rich training model to engage struggling youth and build their social and emotional learning skills.”

I ♥ NY will be released on March 31 and will be followed by a launch party at Ace Hotel’s Liberty Hall in NYC on April 2.

Obligatory press release gush from Trax boss Screaming Rachael Cain: “It’s no secret that Chicago is having tremendous problems with teen gang warfare. Youth Communication has made a positive difference to so many of these kids but now it’s in crisis and needs funding to continue. Tyler suggested an album to help and so many of the great NYC DJs like Johnny Dynell who I’ve known for years stepped up to the plate! The focus of Youth Communication has always been about journalism so Michael Musto as an artist on the album is perfect; a journalist whose song “I Got Ur Back” seems to sum up our mission. I hope the world sees the urgency for these kids and will buy the album. I want Chicago teens to realize that Youth Communications, TRAX and our sister city NYC have ‘Got Ur Back’!”

Darren Ressler

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