Josh Wink’s ‘Meditation Will Manifest’ Gets Reissue 22 Years After Original Release

josh wink

In 1994 Philadelphia-based DJ/producer/Ovum Recordings overlord Josh Wink released “Meditation Will Manifest” on Belgium’s R&S Records. At the time Wink was coming into his own as a producer but was still a year away from releasing breakthrough tracks “Higher State of Consciousness” and “Don’t Laugh,” which were both unleashed in 1995. Wink’s epic 14-minute classic recently found its way into the crates of record diggers Nina Kraviz and Ricardo Villalobos. A buzz began to build and that’s led R&S to re-release a remastered version of the track on December 16 (digital) and February 2017 (vinyl).

Says Wink of the cut, “With DJs like Nina and Ricardo playing it recently, people have been wondering what it was… It makes me happy that the track still sounds relevant and still does its damage on the dance floor. We got in touch with the guys at R&S and decided to remaster the original and release it, as it has never been released digitally. Luckily I was able to my find the original DAT in the studio and we were able to make this happen.” Aw, don’t you just love a happy ending?

Darren Ressler

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