Pioneer DJ Unveils WeDJ for iPhone



Aspiring DJs looking to mix and add effects to the music in their iTunes library have a new option: Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ app. Available for iPhone and iPad, the app allows emerging mixers to practice their skills wherever they go. The animated 2-channel interface with waveforms, jog wheels, play/cue buttons, tempo sliders and a crossfader make it easy to get creative. The app can be used in tandem with the recently released DDJ-WeGO4 controller for hands-on control.

WeDJ for iPhone is available in the App store for free (until November 29, 2016). WeDJ for iPad is available in the App store at a price of €2.99 (until November 29, 2016) instead of the regular price of €4.99.

Key features:

Simple user interface for easy control optimized for iPhone’s
Performance features for endless creativity
Effects include, Pad FX & Combo FX
Additional features include Hot Cues, Loops and sampler
DDJ-WeGO4/WeGO3 support for tactile control – Both the DDJ-WeGO4 and DDJ-WeGO3 controllers make the ideal partner to WeDJ.
Flexible layout:
Two jog wheels
Enlarged horizontal waveforms
Enlarged vertical waveforms

Darren Ressler

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