Carl Cox’s Last Song at Space Ibiza Will Be A Tearjerker


Carl Cox’s historic 15-year residency at Space Ibiza will come to an end on September 20. Cox, whose final run at the famed club on the White Isle has been entirely sold-out, will go out with a bang with a 10-hour vinyl/digital set spanning tunes from his storied career. “At the start of my residency, of course I only played vinyl but now everything is digital and has been for some years. I wanted to take things back and pay homage to all those years at Space spinning records. I want to show respect to those older tunes, dig out some of my old vinyl and play them alongside new tunes. A lot of the crowd probably won’t have even heard them before, so it’s a way of showing the music is still relevant. I thought it was a fitting way to say goodbye.”

Adds Cox, “I also want people to know I can still DJ with vinyl and make the house rock! This music has been my life and I want to share it one last time at Space.”

Cox has been contemplating which final track he will play. “I do have a pile of records for the closing records, but what’s going to happen is as soon as they say ‘this is going to be the last record, Carl,’ it isn’t going to be the last record as they are going to want another record and another record. It could be the defining track but it might not be. But whatever I play, they are all going to be tearjerkers.”

Those not lucky enough to have a ticket can live stream his farewell bash over at BE-AT.TV.

Darren Ressler

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