Global Travel Inspires Slam’s 6th LP

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Veteran Scottish techno duo Slam will release their sixth album, Machine Cut Noise, on vinyl and digital on October 28th and December 9th on their Soma Records label. Their sixth full-length arrives two years after the release of their 2014 ambient LP, Reverse Proceed. According to a missive, much of the album’s inspiration derives from their frequent global travels.

Obligatory press release gush: “With the double vinyl album, Machine Cut Noise, Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle delve into the everyday workings of what makes us human; with life, so to speak, running at the very heart of album. Much of their time is spent on the road, therefore, many of the original ideas for the album were created in airports, hotels and wherever the two found themselves inspired around the world. This created a vibe that each track was born of the modern machine itself.”

A1 Inauguration
A2 The Afore Mentioned
A3 Viginti Quinque
A4 Inception
B1 Ecclesiastic
B2 Evite
C1 Psalm
C2 Anagram
D1 Corridors
D2 Obstacle
D3 Fine

Darren Ressler

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