DJ Fresh Reveals He’s Fighting Cancer

dj fresh

DJ Fresh has made a brave, inspiring statement on his Facebook page, revealing his battle with thyroid cancer and his determination to overcome it and keep on making music. Fresh, who started out as part of the British drum ‘n’ bass collective Bad Company, founded the labels BC Recordings and Breakbeat Kaos, and has sold well in excess of two million records, stated “I found out a few weeks ago I had thyroid cancer. I didn’t want to say anything because I’ve been told it’s a bad idea to air anything that makes you look unstable in any way.”

He went on to lambast the music industry for its inhuman nature, while praising the purity of the artistic exchange between himself and his fans, and he made sure that his audience understood his agenda for the future. “My prognosis is very very positive and I’m now in remission,” he said. “Even if I have to crawl onto stage I will be there and I will never let you down .. You can trust and rely on me to do everything in my power to do my absolute best.” The 39-year-old DJ/producer closed his statement on a smile, saying, “I will be at all upcoming commitments.. Though this next couple of weeks I might be a little bit less hyperactive than usual.”

Jim Allen

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