Paris Techno Auteur Marcelus Makes His Full-Length Debut With ‘Vibrations’

marcelus Cedric Bros

When Parisian techno mastermind Marcelus decided to release his debut album on Tresor Records following a series of singles, he clearly wanted to make a major statement. Towards that end, Vibrations, which is due out on June 3, will arrive in the form of three slabs of 12″ vinyl. Marcelus, a.k.a. Cedric Bros, has spent plenty of time leading up to this, perfecting his blend of Berlin and Detroit techno influences with hard-hitting house flavors to come up with his singular style.

And for all the urgent, visceral beats that Vibrations may contain, Marcelus brings a cerebral side to bear on the album as well. For instance, in the making of the record, the mathematical datas of Pi and Phi were deliberately measured into some parts of the composition of each track.” And while we’re not entirely sure just what that means, it undoubtedly indicates that our man has been doing some serious thinking about how to put this thing together. And while we’re on the subject of numerical significance, Marcelus’s debut also happens to be entering the world during Tresor’s 25th anniversary. But you don’t have to do the math, just dig into the music.

Jim Allen

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