Detroit Grand Pubahs Return With ‘My Own Black Horizons’ EP

Detroit Grand Pubahs

Detroit Grand Pubahs Paris the Black Fu and Mr. O — have announced their first release since 2013’s Acid Dreams EP on DJ Pierre’s AA Trax Records. The Motor City twosome, whose discography boasts classic tracks like “Sandwiches,” will unveil their My Own Black Horizons EP on April 22 via their restarted Engineroom label. The EP features a remix from Ben Long of Space DJz. The pair collaborated with Space DJz on “Wake Up” for Japanese label Torque Records in 2014. More music from the duo is said to be in the works. In a Facebook post last December, Paris the Black Fu announced his return to Detroit, adding, “We are currently working on another album but will be taking our time to make sure we don’t just throw something out there. Thank you for your support over the years and I hope this next journey will not disappoint you.”

Darren Ressler

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