Boys Noize Signals ‘Mayday’ on 4th LP

boys noize mayday

Everyone’s favorite techno-punk Alex Ridha will unveil his fourth album, Mayday, under his Boys Noize alias, on May 20. The album features a choice list of collaborators including Benga, Remy Banks, Channy Leaneagh of POLIÇA, Hudson Mohawke and Spank Rock. In tandem with the new album, Ridha will unveil his new show at Sonar, Barcelona on June 18, consisting of visuals by artists Sus Boy and Lil Internet.

Obligatory press release gush from Ridha, who worked on the soundtrack for upcoming Oliver Stone’s Snowden: “I always try to challenge myself as a producer and a musician,” says Ridha. “Keeping the purity of electronic music but taking it somewhere new is the most difficult, and most motivating. Mayday is me taking the music I love to the future, no matter how uncertain the future seems.”

Darren Ressler

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