Tiga’s ‘No Fantasy Required’ Album Coming


March 4 will bring a new album from Montreal’s Tiga, via Counter Records. While No Fantasy Required is set to be an aural experience unto itself, it also happens to be the third part of the trilogy that began with 2006’s Sexor and continued three years later with Ciao!, though Tiga seems reluctant to really get into what ties the records together. Come to think of it, Tiga’s reluctant to talk very directly about his music at all; in fact, he seems almost superstitious about it. “I never talk about the music itself,” he says. “It’s borderline sacrilegious to talk about the grooves. They have a language all their own, the grooves do. I just birth them and send them out into the world to make others happy. And that’s what makes me happy, and that’s what makes you happy.”

Fair enough, as long as he keeps hitting us with the kind of quality we’ve become used to from him. But that said, we can’t help loving the comments he offered up about the song “Planet E,” a track from the album that he’s sharing in advance. The tune, which you can catch below, was created with the help of Hudson Mohawke, and Tiga says, “This was a collaboration with Hudson Mohawke, another kindred spirit I identified and subsequently befriended. We worked on it while waiting for a cab at the airport. The rest of the details are blurry; all I have in my notebook on Hudson for that day is ‘Young, hip-hop – really good friends.'”

Jim Allen

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