Will Monotone Lines Up 21-Track ‘In Colour’ Debut LP


In our 2015 Rewind Boston DJ/producer Will Monotone gave us the advance lowdown on his upcoming artist album, In Colour, out next month on his Sub Society label. Today he revealed more details about his forthcoming 21-track labor of love featuring collaborations with Wally Lopez, Steve Porter, Demuir, J Paul Getto, Daniel Dubb, Mike Swells, Blythe, Mouzakis, Sarah Escapé and D-Lux & J Neezzy.

Even better, we can now hear snippets from the LP (listen below).

“This album took me roughly 3 years to complete, because I wanted to make sure that I vibed with each track,” says Monotone, “I took my time and gave full attention to each collaboration with the friends and artists that I respect. Making a 21-track album where each record sounds different and fresh, yet still maintaining my specific sound, was not an easy task. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Monotone will kick off his In Colour album tour on February 6th at Silver Street And The Cellar in Derry, Ireland.

Darren Ressler

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