James Murphy Explains LCD Soundsystem Comeback Shows and Album


Recently, we told you about James Murphy‘s plan to revive LCD Soundsystem for a show at Coachella 2016. Naturally, this development put a bit of a sour taste in the mouths of the fans who went to extremes in order to be at the band’s famous farewell show at Madison Square Garden. Well, despite the fact that Murphy apparently misread his audience in a major way (or didn’t read them at all, as the case may be), he’s not an artist in an ivory tower. He’s taking LCD admirers’ dismay quite seriously, in fact, and he has posted a lengthy explanation/apology to those who were offended by his decision.

In his post, Murphy goes to great lengths to let people in on the thought process and sequence of events that led to the reforming of the band. Along the way, he also lets it be known that there’s a new LCD album in the works, and from the sound of it, a full-on tour, not just a one-off appearance in Indio. However you may feel about the whole issue, it seems pretty obvious that the guy feels bad about stepping on people’s ideals, and if you’re really a fan, surely you can’t be too upset at the prospect of another album from the band, right?

Jim Allen

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