GoFundMe Established For Ailing House Singer Colonel Abrams


A GoFundMe page benefitting ailing house music singer Colonel Abrams has been established by Don Welch of the Underground Network, Tony “Tune” Herbert of The Advocates Without Borders Network and friends.

Known for his bold, soulful voice heard on an array of dance floor classics including “Trapped,” “I’m Not Gonna Let You” and “Victim of Loving You,” Abrahams has experienced “health setbacks” and doesn’t have a permanent place to live.

According to Herbert, “This talented brother albeit humble as most people, would prefer to stand strong on their on two feet and take care of themselves, however, as most of you may or may not know, alot of recording artist don’t have medical coverage or benefits. The Colonel is very ill with no permanent place of his own to live at this time and limited financial resources. Those of us who have listened to his awesome music and know of his plight, have banned together to try and help him through this rough patch.”


Yehouda Silverman

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