RIP MJ White


New York house music vocalist MJ White has passed away, according to reports on social media. The cause of the singer’s death is not known at the moment.

White, whose style ranged from hard club tracks to soulful ballads, worked with a range of producers and recorded for various indie labels during his storied career including Classified, Bottom Line, Chez Music and Groove On. White was was also a member of the trio Donatella Movement and also had an experience with a major label: In 1991, Scandalous feat. MJ White’s “Still Irresistible” was released by Atlantic Records. His tracks were also featured on Hed Kandi compilations.

Born the son of a baptist minister in North Carolina, he moved to New York City to pursue gospel-inspired music and undoubtedly accomplished his goal. Known for his towering falsetto, he also incorporated elements of jazz into the many projects he was associated with.

Austria-based Mjuzieek Digital, who issued “Brothers & Sisters” with Pray For More earlier this month, issued a statement on Facebook:

We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of our good friend and Mjuzieek Digital recording artist MJ White , We’re truly in shock. Such a fantastic voice and an amazingly kind soul. You will be missed brother, Rest In Peace dear friend!
We only just released your latest collaboration track with Pray for More 2 weeks ago, called Brothers & SIsters, and had so much more tracks planned….

This is a developing story. We’ll bring you more details as we learn them.

For now, let’s reflect on a few of MJ White’s magical musical moments over the past few years.

UPDATE Nov. 24, 2015: A memorial fund has been set up by friends to help White’s family. Check out the GoFundMe page here.

Darren Ressler


  1. RIP MJ White. Another great talent lost. He left us with his greatest gift. His music. We will
    always feel his ENERGY.

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