For Its 15th Anniversary, Discogs Lets You Peek Behind the Curtain


Discogs has become such an essential part of every record geek’s day-to-day life that it’s become difficult to imagine there was ever a time when we had to do without it. In fact it’s been a decade and a half since the site made its debut, forever changing the way people accessed information about records and, eventually, the way people purchased them. And now, to celebrate its 15th birthday, Discogs is making its users even more a part of the experience than they ever were before.

Ever wondered which albums on Discogs were outselling others? Or which albums individual users are buying? You’ll be able to find out all that and more, as the site shifts over to a data transparency policy. Want to know which album went for the biggest bucks in a particular year? Boom. The information is yours. And of course, you’re free to share your own buying and selling history if you like too. And that’s not all — look out for Vinylhub and Gearogs, which aim to provide a Discogs-like experience for record stores and audio gear, respectively. Throw in the official Discogs iOS app launch (currently in invite-only beta mode), and you’ve got a hell of an anniversary celebration.

Jim Allen

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