Alex From Tokyo Launches World Famous Label


The Paris-born, Tokyo-bred producer known as Alex From Tokyo has earned plenty of attention with his Tokyo Black Star project, putting out records on several labels over the years. But now, Tokyo Black Star has a new home, and it happens to be Alex’s very own imprint. He’s launching a new label, World Famous, and the inaugural release for this venture will be the TBS EP Edo Express, expected out on November 2.

You can get an idea of what you’ve got in store for you by streaming the track below. The EP-opener, “Motokomon” engages in a little bit of sonic bait-and-switch — it starts out as what seems like a relatively straight-up house track, but after a while, it ends up evolving into something like Jean Michel Jarre experimenting with ska grooves. It’s the kind of cut that tickles your imagination and makes you wonder what else Alex has in store, not only with Tokyo Black Star, but also in whatever other projects he puts out through World Famous.

Jim Allen

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