Jesse Rose & Junior Sanchez Robbed in Ibiza


A few hours after touching down in Ibiza on Saturday items belonging to Play It Down label boss Jesse Rose (pictured) — “literally everything I had with me to tour for six months” — and Brobot honcho Junior Sanchez were stolen out of the back of a car outside a restaurant. In addition to the theft of luggage, the producers say the thief nicked laptops and drives containing unreleased music. Needless to say they are extremely desperate for their safe return.

According to a Facebook post by Rose, “I had all my drives with me that contained my album and countless other music that’s irreplaceable on there. Please, if you have any information on this, or have my stuff, I just want my music back, I’ll give a reward to anyone who can help me. Please email if you can help me get any of this back. Spread the word, I hope some kindness can be paid here.”

Sanchez is also offering a reward with no questions asked. Inquiries can be sent to

If you’re in Ibiza and see something, please say something.

Darren Ressler

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