Compost Records Celebrates 20 Years with ‘Soul/Love’


The esteemed German label Compost Records has come up with a unique way to celebrate its 20th anniversary. (Technically, 2015 actually marks 21 years since the label’s first release, but let’s not split hairs when there’s a project as cool as this one in the offing). Most labels in this position might just toss out a compilation, or maybe even a box set, and leave it at that. But while Compost is in fact releasing a box set’s worth of music in honor of this august occasion, they’re also going further and putting out a full-fledged book.

We’re not talking some flimsy, glorified pamphlet either. Soul/Love is a 296 page book, and it features over 450 photos as well as interviews, articles, a portrait of label founder Michael Reinboth, and graphics galore. The latter element incorporates everything from album art to flyers and memorabilia. There are also written contributions from Laurent Garnier, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Gilles Peterson, Fat Freddy’s Drop and dozens more. And of course each book comes with its own download code that gives you Compost 500, featuring 40 tracks from some of the label’s finest artists. See below for the full track listing, and go here to order a copy of Soul/Love for yourself.


  1.   Siren “A/Way” (Radio Edit)
  2.   Bar “White Noise” (Shahrokh Dini Remix)
  3.   Compost Allstars featuring Robert Owens “Good Day”
  4.   Indoor Life “Archeology” (Mathias Schaffhäuser Club Mix)
  5.   Robinn “Duillac” (Bedroom Version)
  6.   Pawas & Schaffhäuser “Hunt” (Rhodes Jam feat. Gregor Schwellenbach)
  7.   Marbert Rocel “I Wish I Knew”
  8.   Felix Laband “Getting Old”
  9.   SHOW-B “My Contribution” (20 Years Mix)
  10.  Claudio Ricci & Megablast feat. OG Spiritual Gode “Chyedza”
  11.  DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures “Deep Into Neon” (Mark E Remix)
  12.  Emilie Nana “I’m Childish, So What!”
  13.  Marbert Rocel “I Don’t Know” (Rupert & Mennert’s Weird Pigs Remix)


  1.   John Gazoo “What Happened” (Vocal)
  2.   Les Gammas “See The Sun”
  3.   Zwicker “Oddity” (John Talabot Dub)
  4.   Madpac “Angry Nerds” (Philipp Stoya Remix)
  5.   Jay Shepheard “Pipes ’N’ Sneakers”
  6.   General Elektriks “Facing That Void” (Beanfield Remix)
  7.   Felix Laband “Whistling In Tongues” (Todd Terje Remix)
  8.   Ennio Morricone “Amore Come Dolore” (Needs Remix)
  9.   Beanfield feat. Bajka “Tides” (Carl Craig Remix)
  10.  Moonstarr “Greed” (Moonstarr Remix)
  11.  Trüby Trio “Universal Love (Âme Rootdown Round Midnite Mix)
  12.  A Forest Mighty Black “Rebirth”
  13.  Native Force “Rain”


  1.   Family Tree “Hang On To Your Pride”
  2.   Beanfield “Freund Clone”
  3.   Christian Prommer “Where You Gonna Go” feat. Kim Sanders
  4.   Blimp “4:30:00 – 4:45:15 AM”
  5.   Zwicker “I Got My Kicks At Nighttime” (Lexx Dub)
  6.   Robinn “The Game Is Now Over” (Cocolores Dub Mix)
  7.   Move D “Hurt Me”
  8.   Jean-Paul Bondy “Cold Reformer” (John Tejada Remix)
  9.   Trüby Trio “Galicia” (Zero dB Remix)
  10.  MCD “Dadawo”
  11.  Phreek Plus One “Bikini”
  12.  Wei-Chi “Faces And Places” (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
  13.  Lukas Bohlender “Club Château”
  14.  Quintus Project “Night Flight” (Psychemagik Remix)

Jim Allen

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