DJ Sneak Unveils ‘Magnetic Cuts’ Series

DJ Sneak magnetic recordings

With his Magnetic Recordings sailing past its 75th release, venerable house master DJ Sneak is tripling down this summer with three — yep, count ’em three — compilations showcasing his imprint’s raw, jackin’ sound.

The trio of releases kicks off with Magnetic Cuts V.1 on July 27, brandishing cuts by Bebadim, Tripmastaz and Ramon Tapia. It’s followed by Magnetic Cuts V.2 featuring DJ W!LD, Junia and Jem Atkins out on August 17. The onslaught wraps up on September 7 with Magnetic Cuts V.3, a compendium boasting tracks by the aforementioned DJ W!LD, H Foundation and Phil Weeks & Joss Moog.

In case you’re wondering about Sneak’s musical involvement in Magnetic Cuts, rest assured his deft production touch is prominently heard on all three compilations (see full track list below).

Obligatory press gush from Sneak: “Every release on my label is hand-picked by myself personally and I always test my tracks out at different gigs around the globe before making my final decision on what will be released on my label. Natural selection is the way of Magnetic.”

Magnetic Cuts V.1
Release date: July 27, 2015
1. Bebadim – Best Of This Love
2. El Fundador – Holla At My Soul
3. Arturo Garces – Closer To The Feeling
4. Tripmastaz – No Turning Back
5. Ramon Tapia – Don’t Go
6. DJ Sneak & DJ Dan – Super Juice
7. Los Escorpiones – El Underground
8. DJ Sneak – El Sonido Bestial
9. DJ Sneak & Monoman – Watch Your Back (DJ Sneak Remix)
10. DJ Sneak – U Can’t Hide From Your Bud (Original)

Magnetic Cuts V.2
Release date: August 17, 2015
1. Junia – Touche
2. O&A – New York
3. Jem Atkins – Pushin On (Darius Syrossian Mix)
4. DJ W!LD – Shiva
5. J Paul Ghetto – Imma Let You Know
6. DJ Sneak – Eve With Champagne
7 Lex Wolf – Asylum
8. DJ Sneak – Respect Bonito (Justin Long Remix)
9. Tripmastaz – Back On His BS (Bebadim Classic)
10. DJ Sneak – I Rep Underground

Magnetic Cuts V.3
Release date: September 7, 2015
1. DJ Sneak – The Hot Shit
2. H Foundation ft. C1 – Kontrol Room
3. Bluntz & Roachez – We Is Underground (Hector Moralez Remix)
4. DJ W!LD – Essen
5. DJ Sneak – Gangster Steppin
6. DJ Sneak & Monoman – Sally Go Round (Monomania Mix)
7. DJ Sneak & Chris Simmonds – What You Feel (Chris Simmonds Mix)
8. Phil Weeks & Joss Moog – Not Over
9. DJ Sneak – Chicago Theme
10. DJ Sneak – Sticky Sheit (Hodges Sheitty Mix)

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