Moby Asks Cali Carnivores to Shower Less [Video]


With California currently in the midst of a historic draught, electronic music legend/vegan/Los Angeles resident Moby has issued “A Message To California,” a video asking meat eaters to help conserve water by reducing the frequency of showers.

The message is part of a grassroots campaign recently launched by Skip Showers For Beef, an organization whose belief is that every four ounces of beef takes about 450 gallons to produce, the equivalent of 37 showers.

In the clip Moby says taking fewer showers will allow carnivores to “have their steak and eat it, too.” Moby says, “It is possible to enjoy your meat responsibly.”

Moby adds that he won’t need to curb his showers because he’s a vegan but is adamant that we all need to “think outside the box” in lieu of the draught.

Darren Ressler

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  1. I think this particularly applies to urban dwellers, who do nothing more than consume. If urban dwellers producing nothing agriculturally ate little to no meat, it would help considerably. He may also want to consider actually farming something to contribute, which is one of the root cause of agricultural problems… the shift to urban living and the increase of populations. Urban areas consume, consume, consume, and ultimately contribute little.

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