The Daft Punk x HERVET-MANUFACTURIER Skateboard is Here

daft punk skateboard

By this point in time, it seems like Daft Punk has worked its way into just about every other area of life, so why not make a sally into the skateboard universe? Now Daft Punk lovers with a desire to bring the band’s imagery between their feet and the street will finally have that opportunity, thanks to Hervet-Manufacturier, a high-end French design company that has incorporated the duo’s legendary logo and the artwork for their single “Da Funk” into some serious skate hardware.


Nicolas and Cédric Hervet have crafted their Daft Punk skateboards from molded beechwood overlaid with a Formica laminate. The laser-engraved “grip effect” logo on the top and the two-color inlay on the bottom give their creation it’s one-of-a-kind look, and speaking of one-of-a-kind, as you might have guessed, this is a limited-edition series.


Only 25 boards per color will be available, each with its own laser-etched edition number proclaiming its exclusivity to the world at large. So if you want a Daft Punk skateboard to be a part of your immediate future, you’d better act fast. Fear not, you should be able to acquire all the info you’ll need at the website.

Jim Allen

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