Moby Goes Lo-Fi On ‘Wait For Me’


Moby is one prolific dude. He dropped a great DJ mix, Last Night Remixed, at the end of 2008, and will release his next album, Wait For Me, on June 30th. The new album coincidentally arrives on the tenth anniversary of his groundbreaking Play. The Bald Wonder apparently produced the album in his bedroom studio and asked some of his friends to handle vocals.

The venerable DJ/producer has unveiled the video for “Shot in the Back of the Head” — the MP3 is available for free download on – which was created by none other than David Lynch. It’s quite a visual treat.

“I’ve worked hard recording and arranging the album as a cohesive body of work,” wrote Moby on his blog. “I fully understand that most people listen to individual tracks here and there, but I ask that you listen to the album from start to finish even just once.”

Wait For Me Tracklisting

1. “Division”
2. “Pale Horses”
3. “Shot in the Back of the Head”
4. “Study War”
5. “Walk with Me”
6. “Stock Radio”
7. “Mistake”
8. “Scream Pilots”
9. “Jltf 1”
10. “Jltf”
11. “A Seated Night”
12. “Wait for Me”
13. “Hope is Gone”
14. “Ghost Return”
15. “Slow Light”
16. “Isolate”

Darren Ressler

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