Paula Temple Launches Noise Manifesto, Drops Free Download

paula temple

After dropping her brilliant Deathvox EP in late October on R&S Records, techno tour de force Paula Temple has announced the launch of her own label, Noise Manifesto.

In a somewhat unconventional and über-cool move, Temple christens the imprint’s birth by giving away the label’s first offering, “Gegen,” via her Facebook page. The track is available for free download until January 4, 2015.

“Gegen” is as hard-hitting a track as they come and hints to the vibe of the label’s future releases.

Accord to Temple, the word gegen holds a wealth of significance relating to tension, which is especially topical in lieu of the wealth of social and political conflicts going on in the world at the moment. Here’s Temple’s full explanation:

‘Gegen’ is a very powerful word here in Berlin. It is a word of Tension. It is the word you see on all the protest posters on the streets, and when I first moved here, this instantly made me feel I have come to the right place. Residents standing up and AGAINST what is hurting people, and residents are active every week to be against (gegen) oppression. At the time I was making this track, I was invited to a club night called ‘Gegen’ and the atmosphere was something that left a mark on me. It’s a party environment that smashes up the idea of ‘normal’ and you are against yourself, your own fears and pleasures. This is why I’ve heard people either say it is the best night of my life or the worst night of my life. So I had to dedicate the track title to this night and to Berlin. In the same month I tested my new track when I played at Berghain for a benefit party – the reaction was over the edge! So for the past year this has been my ‘secret weapon’ in all my festival sets. I apologise to many people asking for the track for not releasing it sooner, it is a rave track and it really stands out on its own. So now I have decided to release it on its own. As a way to say thank you for giving me the most amazing year I’ve decided to make this a free download in the last two weeks of 2014.

After Christmas break, Temple plays Rebel Rebel in Rome, Italy, on December 27. Here’s hoping she drops this monster of a track at that gig.

Darren Ressler

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