Electric Zoo’s Anti-Drug PSA Is Ridiculously Bad


People overdosing at music festivals is no laughing matter. If you’re a promoter of said festival and a fan takes it too far and meets their unexpected demise at one of your events despite your best security efforts, it can result in years of costly litigation, not to mention eternal heartache and anguish for the deceased’s loves ones.

In lieu of two deaths at last year’s Electric Zoo festival held over Labor Day Weekend on Randall’s Island in New York City, which caused the third day to be cancelled, EZ’s organizers (who were acquired in 2013 by SFX) have posted a PSA on YouTube aimed at illustrating the potential dangers of doing drugs.

While obviously well intended (we think), the PSA, titled “Come to Life,” is pretty terrible.

Framed around a guy and girl talking while dancing at an event, the guy pops a pill and then begins to go off the rails.

“Dude, I’m so stoked to be here,” he tells the girl. “Hell yeah!”

Within minutes the guy becomes incoherent and — BOOM — the music stops and he’s presumably dead.

The following then appears on the screen: “Don’t miss the moment. Be present. Avoid the risks. Come to life.”

In addition to the PSA coming off as comical, what’s notable is that the comments are disabled. To me, that speaks volumes and reeks of due diligence rather than truly caring for the safety of fans who pay top dollar to attend your event.

Perhaps a better way to raise awareness about the dangers of doing molly would’ve been to ask the superstar DJs who get paid insane amounts of money to make an earnest appeal to their fans to become educated about drugs and to learn the risks. PSAs like this resemble a silly SNL sketch. The message of “Come to Life” will fall on deaf ears because of the ridiculous way in which it was delivered.

It’s time people who are getting stinking rich off DJ culture start putting their money where their mouths are.

In related news, Patrick Morgan, was arrested last month in Buffalo on charges of narcotics distribution and narcotics conspiracy in the Electric Zoo deaths, after an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Electric Zoo is scheduled to return to the city for a sixth time beginning on August 29.

Darren Ressler

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