Legendary Ibiza DJ José Padilla Returns To Café del Mar

DJ jose padilla cafe del mar ibiza

Spanish DJ José Padilla’s roots are planted deeply within Ibiza’s soil. After relocating from Barcelona to Ibiza in the early ’70s, he championed a diverse sound known as Balearic which encompassed a plethora of genres. His sunset sets at Café del Mar were as gorgeous as the music he played and was a must-see for anyone looking for the true Ibiza experience. After piloting the seaside venue’s popular mix compilation series in the ’90s, Padilla left to pursue touring all over the world and his own musical projects. On May 23 Padilla makes a return to Café del Mar after a 15-year absence. “It was the only place, the beginning of something new, a great crowd, a magical time of unique circumstances,” he said. Padilla, a formidable remixer/producer in his own right, has also forged a relationship with like-minded Uruguay’s International Feel. The imprint will release his new offering “Solito” on July 7 split over two 180g vinyl releases, featuring the original and mixes by Bubble Club and Wolf Muller. Even better news is that International Feel will release a full-length from Padilla in Spring 2015. Obligatory press release gush from Padilla: “International Feel fly the flag for Balearic music in the right way. They’re Balearic from the beginning and it reflects on the label. They have substance.”

Darren Ressler

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