Daft Punk Air Commercial For ‘Random ‘Access Memories’ During ‘Saturday Night Live,’ LP Available on Vinyl

daft punk nyc poster

After word spread like wildfire yesterday when Daft Punk‘s forthcoming album Random Access Memories was listed for pre-order on iTunes with a May 21 release date, the French duo followed last night with a 15-second TV commercial airing during Saturday Night Live. Much like the first TV spot they ran during SNL earlier in the month, the commercial featured 15 seconds of a guitar dominated groove presumably played by Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers. Daft Punk also launched a website for the album, though it contains precious little information (though a brief press release from their publicist says RAM will be available on CD and vinyl). Okay, so now we know the name of the album, what the album artwork looks like and when it will be released, What future surprises could the twosome have up their sleeves?

Image of Daft Punk NYC street poster by Darren Ressler

Darren Ressler

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