2019 Rewind: Nick Curly


How was 2019 for you?
Nick Curly: 2019 was an exciting year for me. In addition to many exciting gigs around the world, I finally brought back my label, Cécille Records, after many years. My partner Marc and I initially struggled to find the right music, but now after the first two releases we can proudly say that we don’t regret it the decision and it feels right.

Apart from the Cécille’s comeback, my last show at Crobar in Argentina is definitely one of the highlights when we talk about gigs, as well as our Trust party which was during Sonar at La Terrazza – such a great vibe all day. We are actually just about to start planning 2020.

I moved to Turkey last year, which I really love but a big lowlight is the travel from here. I used to fly out of Frankfurt airport, which is one of the most central in Europe with direct flights to almost anywhere in the world. Now, from Turkey I always have to connect via Istanbul and have at least double travel time added every weekend.

Song of the year?
Harry Romero’s “Mood Vision” for sure. This was the second release on Cécille this year. Def the most played track in my sets all year. Such a masterpiece from such a legend. This track instantly reminded me of my old days at Space in Ibiza on the terrace when Harry’s song “Tania” came out that first year. Back then I was just a raver on the island.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Simple: do more Yoga. Started a year ago, and I love it so much. I do it already about 2-3 times a day and I really feel the positive effect on my body. I also want to release more music than in 2019, this last year I didn’t have that much time for studio work as I moved to turkey and my studio was still in Germany. But that’s all changing for 2020.

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