2019 Rewind: Mary Yuzovskaya

Mary Yuzovskaya

How was 2019 for you?
Mary Yuzovskaya: It was more about studio time than any other year in my career. This year I was able to dedicate more hours to musicmaking. I learned a lot and witnessed some encouraging progress in my production. Also, 2019 was a lot about working on my label, Monday Off (two records were released this year, and I’m very proud of both of them), and, of course, about DJing at home, nationally and internationally – visiting old friends and debuting in new cities and countries.

So many! I had a lot of fantastic shows this year: two Canadian debuts (merci Ottawa and Montreal), played for the first time in Seattle with one of my favorite U.S.-based labels, Secondnature, accompanied by my partners in crime Pure Immanence; awesome pre-birthday gig at Ithaca, NY with my dear friends at Microtones; wonderful trippy mini-rave with Outer Orbit in Brooklyn, four-hour set at the Basement.

I also had a chance to play on the most amazing, warm, custom-made sound system in the U.S. -at Public Records with one of my favorites, Blazej Malinowski; Whole Festival with the Unter crew; Smangtasia at the most gorgeous location with the NY fam; debuts in Geneva, LA, Augsburg; very special gigs in Berlin (thank you, Buttons and Pornceptual) … I made a lot of beautiful memories for the past twelve months.

I feel like as long as everyone I care about is alive and healthy I can’t really complain, can I? Of course, it’s not all bunnies, rainbows and kittens all year round. Some things didn’t go as planned, some gigs and releases got canceled, some things didn’t work out, but I think that’s just the part of the process.

Song of the year?
Soramimi – Diatoms (Monday Off)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Sleep more, stress less, spend more time with loved ones and less on my phone, make more music, take one step at a time and learn how to not freak out because of the unknown.

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