2019 Rewind: Andres Campo

Andres Campo

How was 2019 for you?
Andres Campo: This year was amazing. I started off being on the front cover of DJ Mag Spain, which was something very special for me. Then [I was] awarded the best Hispano-American Techno DJ at the Vicious Awards and then DJ Mag’s Top 100 had me in at No. 91!

Of course, starting the new label with Eats [Everything] too. EI8HT has been doing really well, and we have such a great team behind the label, I’m really enjoying this new project. Of course, loads of work, traveling and lack of sleep but my dreams have come true and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead in 2020.

All of those listed above, but also Global Music Festival – which is the one that I run with my mates in Zaragoza for the last 10 years. This edition was incredible as we had more then 20,000 people attend. It’s an honor to be able to throw a party like that on my home ground.

Same as always – lack of help from the government for parties and clubs. We need to fight for our right to party, which also helps the economy in so many places. Also, have to mention the internet, and watching how the scene is being corrupted by marketing and the “likes fever.”

Song of the year?
Truncate’s “Our Bodies” was a special one. It was released on my and Eat’s new collab label, EI8HT, and having Truncate release with us was a big goal checked off!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To still have fun doing what I love. Also to visit Latin America a bit more of course, as I have been a few times, and all the shows were unforgettable. I do need more time in the studio and to release on some new platforms that I love. I always set a goal to not let yourself get too relaxed.

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