2019 Rewind: Local Suicide

Local Suicide by Cocaya

How was 2019 for you?
Local Suicide: It was a very, very busy year for us! It started with the release of “Komm Ins Loch” with Theus Mago and remixes by Aera and Colossio on Duro to be continued with releases on Ombra Int. and Tusk Wax with Curses, Eskimo Recordings with Franz Matthews including remixes by Manfredas, Chaim & Ozart, NTEIBINT and The Oddness, a solo EP featuring Nicki Fehr on Lumière Noire, including remixes by Smagghe & Cross, Lauer and Niv Ast, and a track with Younger Than Me on La.Ga.Sta.

We also did a remix with Circle Scope for Tulioxi that was released on Heimlich and did another remix for Jaroška with Skelesys which will be released on PP end of the year. On top of that we got to finish loads of new tracks and remixes that will hopefully be out soon too!

Touring-wise, the year kicked off with a tour in Asia and will finish with another one in Mexico, while during the year we played over 60 club shows and festivals all over Europe.

Releasing collaborations with artists we love like Curses, Theus Mago, Skelesys, Younger Than Me and Franz Matthews, playing a bunch of fun festivals like Melt!, Forte, Yaga and Rocken Am Brocken, watching Âme b2b Dixon playing the Aera remix of “Komm Ins Loch'”at the Innervisions Off Sonar event filmed by RA, and then Solomun playing the same track at the main stage of Tomorrowland in front of a sea of people, and receiving such good feedback by outlets we have been following for very long and artists we love.

Âme x Dixon:


It was the first year that quite a few events and festivals we were supposed to play didn’t take place, and we only found out pretty late. Also trying to balance work (we both work full-time), touring, studio time, social life and time for ourselves was harder than in the past, but we survived!

Song of the year?
“Shabak Shalom” by Red Axes (Phantasy)

“Gilgamesh” by Simple Symmetry feat. Iñigo Vontier (Disco Halal)

“Spaceship” by Paulor (Life And Death)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Play more gigs, make more music, and we would like to try to find the time to work on our debut album!

Image by Cocaya

Ian Fleming

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