Harvard Bass 5 Tracks of the Moment


“Krispy” is an absolutely infectious and raucous booty-house jam crafted by respected underground producers Jean Pierre, Jesse Calosso, Harvard Bass (pictured above) and Kid Enigma.

Released on Hot Creations in September, the foursome’s singular effort, according to Kid Enigma, “is about someone getting over their own self-consciousness and realizing that they can be ‘Krispy’ just the way they are.”

We recently caught up with Harvard Bass, who has released on Relief Records, Turbo Recordings, TUSKEGEE and Bump City Records, and asked him to share five of his current go-to records.

1. Jean Pierre – 420 (Mason Collective Remix) (Whippin)

If you know me, you know that I like simple, dope club shit. Music that makes you say, “Why didn’t I think of this shit?!” I believe simplicity brings the music more to light. With that being said, this track has all my favorite elements. It’s simple, to the point, the kick is fat, has a fun bassline, and the acid line is just sexy AF. Big up to Jean Pierre and Mason Collective, who are both killing the game right now with the dopeness.

2. Truncate – Our Bodies (EI8HT)

Truncate never ceases to amaze me with every release. His music has a groove that is incomparable to a lot of artists out there. It’s so straightforward, but it still will make you shake your ass. That’s something I respect.

3. Demuir – Yuh Chat Too Much (Desolat)

Demuir is one of my favorite artist out right now. I think he finishes like 15 tracks a day from what it looks like on his Instagram. LOL. I’ve had the honor of releasing on his label, Purveyor Underground, which is also one of my favorite labels at the moment. When I heard this record on promo, I realized how groovy this Canadian man is. This track gave me chills! You can tell he’s in the game for the love of the music. Mad love to Demuir for this one!

4. The Martinez Brothers – Amor Con La Ropa (TMB MIX) (Cuttin Headz)

Legit, my jaw dropped when I first heard this record. It’s one of those records that makes you ask everyone who did it. This whole Space Jams mixtape that the Bros. released was nothing but fire. It’s that Latino groove that gets me every time, man!

5. Lost Souls Of Saturn – Divine Plane – Méditation des enfants (R&S)

Not gonna lie – this whole album got me horny when I heard it. This record is simply beautiful. It’s more than just a record; this shit takes you on a ride like no other. It sparks the part of your brain that knows that we are just humans just floating in space on some Edwin Hubble type shit. I recommend this whole album. Big up Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa for this magic.

Darren Ressler

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