Groove Squared 5 Tracks of the Moment


Paco Terio (a.k.a. Groove Squared, a.k.a. Diggler Smith) is a talented Italian DJ/ producer whose energetic deep-house signature exudes emotion at the intersection of euphoria and melancholy. His experience performing live is the secret sauce to his productions.

With releases on Trapez, Engrave and Gravity Groove, Terio has linked up with Italian label/DJ crew/radio show Soundzrise to release his Use-less EP feat. TDR. On the remix tip, he tapped few pisans SIS and Lollino for their respective remix touch.

Ahead of the EP’s release on January 22, we caught up with Terio and asked him to enlighten us on five of his favorite tracks of the moment.

Dodi Palese – Rain Dance – Compost

Dodi is an eclectic producer who knows how to navigate between techno and house. This is not the first time he has made me fall in love with one of his pieces. This is as essential as it is beautiful and melodic.

The Mole – Going with the Hat Man – Maybe Tomorrow

This is probably one of the tracks that I could take for the next 10 years and play in a set. I think this record has a strange but wonderful groove, It’s perfect to keep the dance floor warm.

Gacha Bakradze – Contactless – Anjunadeep

This bluer than blue 12″ ended up in my shop by chance. I didn’t sell it, and I took possession of it. It seems too melodic but on the contrary, it moves the dance floor with real intelligence.

Man Power – Fisky – Eskimo

Fisky is a low-BPM track (110), and I do my best to play it every time, even if I’m traveling at 123. I manage to magically shift down and then back up again! Do you want to know why? Because everywhere I play it, it destroys the dance floor.

Groove Squared – Fearless Sis Vision – Soundzrise

It may be self-indulgent to select your own piece and say it is beautiful. But the real reasons are two:

  1. Before it officially comes out, I can pretend it is not mine and see if it works. It seems that it does, as I see people who try to Shazam it.
  2. The video was made by a fan and this makes me laugh a lot.

Thank you very much.

Darren Ressler

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