2018 Rewind: Khan (Of Finland)

khan of finland

How was 2018 for you?

Khan (Of Finland): 2018 was a great year for me. I live in Berlin and the local techno all-stars Killekill and Metabanana.airforce invited me to curate a new 12” label for them. So I started Temple Traxx specializing in sleazy drum machine music. It is also directly connected to Temple Records, my record shop and label back [which I ran] in the ’90s out of NYC. I started with a few re-issues but also dug out some unreleased material by Bizz O.D., 4E or Jammin’ Unit and Kerosene as Izmir Acid (out 2019). I have tons of acid tracks in my archive including unreleased mixes by Air Liquide, Alec Empire, Gusgus, and endless more. I think I transferred something like 150 hours of electronic music from DAT (digital audio tape) to my computer. I guess that is enough material to keep Temple Traxx going until 2099.


I started a tea dance party with Eric D. Clark here in Berlin called the T, every last Sunday of the month at Paloma. It’s a house-music party with a bit of disco sprinkled in. The party starts at 3pm during the day and is over by 11pm. The promotion was only word of mouth and some business cards we handed out personally. It brought me back into DJing house and disco music, and I totally love it. People only come for the music and the amazing chill vibe. It’s a party with no zombie factor and non of that elite Berlin door bullshit. It’s 100 percent how I want a party to be like: deep!


I think the lowlights of 2018 is the rise of right-wing and conservatives all over the world. I grew up in Germany with a Turkish passport. I lived in NYC on a Turkish passport until 9/11. Life changed after that date, and I left the United States. I realized how fragile a society is and how important it is to keep everybody’s rights equal. The club has always been a utopian place for me. There is no race, religion or gender in the disco lights.

Song of the year?

Childish Gambino – This Is America (and best video, too)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Don’t get sour in this acidic environment!


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