2018 Rewind: Richard Earnshaw

Richard Earnshaw

How was 2018 for you?

Richard Earnshaw: It’s been a really productive year. A lot of writing/production and behind the scenes stuff with the labels. So although some may say we’ve been quiet in terms of actual releases, it’s been non-stop! 2019 will yield all the hard work of this year! It’s been super busy with iCulture too as the radio outreach increases almost with each edition and the events going well too.


ADE was a real highlight for me. Not only did our iCulture party at Madam go really well, there was a real positive atmosphere with everyone. We don’t have to go too far back to remember swathes of uncertainty about how things would evolve, how would things be better for songwriters/artists/labels, etc…but now it’s good vibes all round.

On the release front, Ridney ft Sander Nijbroek “What You Mean To Say” has been a real highlight. The variation of support across radio and dance floors from an incredible range of DJs has been so refreshing to hear and see. It sums up the year really….a less blinkered approach to music appreciation, like it’s “ok” to be seen to support and play a wide range of music…more confidence that the consumers and clubbers will listen 🙂


Not enough hours in the day for lowlights!! 😂

Song of the year?

It’s always very difficult to answer a question like this. There are many that hit the spot for many reasons. I’ll mention this one because it’s been a bit of an anthem throughout the summer at iCulture parties…ARLE, L’Tric, Art Of Tones “Feel it” (Art Of Tones Modern Disco Mix).

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Just to keep doing as we do, as we have done for 20 years, enjoy making and performing music for all the right reasons. I am going to release more of my own music in 2019. New Earnshaw and Spiritchaser albums…got some interesting EPs coming out too. And to keep pushing the iCulture events/radio upwards and generally have a bloody good time doing all this.


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