2018 Rewind: Anfisa Letyago

Anfisa Letyago

How was 2018 for you?

Anfisa Letyago: It has been a great year for me from a professional point of view. First of all I had the chance to slow down and be in the studio to produce music. I think this has been a fundamental step for me as an artist. 2018 was a year dedicated to music in a real way without stereotypes. I just followed my feeling and this is why my music has been supported in the main stages around the world, and I am happy and honored that my city of adoption, Napoli, to whom I really owe a lot, awarded me with ‘Donne per Napoli’ (award for the women in the city that have given prestige to it). I am flattered since I really did so little, and I hope it’s good luck for the future.


Definitely meeting Carl Cox and him supporting my music at some the most important festivals around the world. I am really happy about that.


I have not actually had any lowlights this year because I have seen my commitments realized. You know as long as you really like what you’re doing and it works, it’s impossible to see negative aspects.

Song of the year?

I really like DJ Koze – Pick Up (12 Extended Disco Version)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I want to keep what I have done so far and take maximum out of it. There are many releases already scheduled including for Nervous in January with a four-track EP – 4 tracka! That’s a lot. Then I have two EPs forthcoming on Carl Cox’s Intec label, so I want to keep my concentration and capability to produce and work according to my passions.

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